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Whether it’s a standby generator powering your home through a storm, a commercial backup system powering critical life safety systems or a power inverter providing power for a music player at the beach, our mission is to empower you when you need it most.

Empower Generators has been providing South Florida homeowners and businesses with alternative power solutions since 1999. Our commitment to customer service and keeping our communities safe and empowered is what makes EmPower Generators your best choice for peace of mind.

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Generator Installations
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Generator Installations

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Generator Installations
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Generator Installations
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Generator Installations


Generator Installations

Residential Generators

Portable or Standby

When it comes to residential backup power, you have two choices, Portable or Standby. Portable generators power individual items or an entire panel. They run on gasoline, diesel or liquid propane and are stored indoors until use. Standby generators are ideal for backing up your home’s power. They are permanently installed outside and automatically start and restore power, whether you’re home or away.

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Generator Installations

EmPower Remote Monitoring System

Your generator can be even more reliable! Even properly serviced generators can develop issues between service visits. A remote generator monitor can alert you, and more importantly, your service provider, about deficiencies, enabling the provider to make repairs while utility power is still on. Never be left in the dark again!

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