Survive Spring with a Residential Generator

At EmPower Generators, we believe in emphasizing the value of generators, not just for hurricane season, but throughout the year. As springtime gets near, we must prepare for the days ahead. Whether your Spring is filled with gorgeous sunny weather or dreary rainy days, we bet you will find multiple uses for a brand new residential generator. Spring is filled with occasions that are improved with the help of a generator.

Storm Outages

Don’t wait until the day that you need a generator, because you may not be able to get one. During any major power outage, portable generators go fast. We cannot guarantee that we will have the one you want in stock when you need it. Additionally, standby generators are not installed in a day. They require electrical work, engineering, permitting, installation, and maintenance. This process can often take 3 to 4 months. Spring is coming up soon, so if you want your home to be prepared for any spring storms, we need to get the ball rolling now.

Spring Cleaning

If you are a homeowner, then spring cleaning likely extends to the outside of your house. Spring projects like building treehouses, fixing the roof, and re-shaping the hedges often require heavy power tools. Running extension cords all around your house is frustrating and dangerous. A portable generator could be a great solution to this problem. If you are looking for a portable generator model that is great for running home maintenance tools, look for a model that has these features:

  • A low oil pressure shutdown
  • Automatic idle control
  • Electric start features
  • High continuous output power

Camping and Outdoor Events

If you decide to go camping or host an outdoor spring fling, then you may need the power to run electric grills, music, lights, and more. Portable generators are great for outdoor events where you do not have easy access to outlets. The DJ, grill, and pumps for big inflatables can all be hooked up to the generator for hours of excitement. Also, if you are going camping that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your electricity. A generator can be used to power any household appliances you cannot live without. They can also be used to charge your cameras and phones so that you take photos of the great outdoors and let your loved ones know you are safe. For events and camping, you are going to want to look for generators that offer the Following Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Low oil level shutdown
  • Parallel capabilities
  • Low noise level

As you can see, generators have lots of uses. The springtime is a great time to get yours and put it to good use! No matter if you want to use your generator for camping trips, outdoor events, home improvement, power outage backup, or a combination, our team at EmPower Generators can help you find the perfect residential generator for you this spring!

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