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Quality Installation Services

Empower Generator specializes in turn-key generator installations for homes and businesses. The process begins with a free on-site assessment to determine each customer’s specific needs and preferences. Once the assessment is completed a customized formal proposal can be generated with different coverage and equipment options. Since Empower represents most major US manufacturers of generators, we will recommend the most suitable product for your specific application.

About the Generator Installation Process

At Empower Generators, we want you to have an effective generator, which is why we carefully walk you through the process and install your generator correctly. We are a trusted company to turn to when you are considering installing a generator because we have known the process and have been helping customers for several years. Empower Generators is dedicated to providing exceptional service to each individual in need of guaranteed power.

Steps for Generator Installation

There are a number of steps to take when you move forward with the process of installing a generator. Some of these steps you may not know about, but they are critical to proper generator installation. At Empower Generators, we are dedicated to providing a safe, thoroughly placed generator where you are located.

Design Layout for Approval

The first part of the generator installation process involves the engineering. This is critical because the way that the plan reads will determine whether the generator is permissible in the chosen location. As far as engineering of your generator is concerned, a well-structured electric and gas engineered drawing is essential for the municipality to permit.

Request Permit

Once the engineering drawing is created, the next part of the generator installation process is to move forward with the request for a permit. All generators require a permit prior to installation, but once you have your design layout for this, you can then move forward and wait for permission. Each municipality is different, so the answer may take some time depending on where you are located.

Deliver the Generator for Installation

Once you have been approved with a permit for a generator, then the generator installation process can really begin – but first, the generator has to be delivered to the location you will be placing it in.

Install the Generator

The generator will then be installed when it is in place. Electrical and gas connections will be made so that your generator is up and running.


Once the generator is all set up, there will need to be a generator inspection. This inspection needs to be conducted by the municipality. Even once it is inspected, there will need to be more municipal inspections as well. The inspection process is important because it ensures that the generator is working safely and that all protocol is adhered to.

Having a generator comes with many benefits, and though to some the generator installation process may take some time to be completed, it is definitely worth it. There is nothing greater than having the guarantee of power [by generator] when the electricity goes out! For the best generators and proper generator installation, you can depend on Empower Generators.

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The first step of the process is to design a set of electrical and gas engineered drawings to submit to the municipality for permitting.


The permit package is submitted to the municipality for approval. Plan review times differ from municipality to municipality.


Once the proposed location and plans are approved, the generator is delivered to the site and anchored to the concrete pad or elevation stand.

Electrical and Gas Connections

Once the generator is in place, electrical and gas connections can be made. This includes installation of the transfer switch, propane fuel tank (if applicable) and all associated equipment.

Municipal Inspection

During the installation process and upon completion, several municipal inspections are performed.

Start-Up and Orientation

After final inspections when the permit is closed, a commissioning of the generator is performed. This includes warranty activation, testing the generator under load and customer training.

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