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The Potential Cost of Power Outages

Generator installation and regular electrical generator service offer more than just a convenience in the event of a power failure. The backup power of a standby generator can help mitigate the potential costs caused by electrical power outages. An outage can be an expensive event for both residential and commercial property owners. Here are some of the expenses commonly experienced by property owners that do not have a standby generator installed.


Spoiled Food – Some foods can last for many months when stored at the proper temperature. A loss of power results in a non-functioning refrigerator and rising home temperatures. Many types of foods will quickly spoil when the temperatures rise. Replacing spoiled food is the most frequent cost for homeowners in the event of a power outage. For restaurants and other businesses that store large amounts of perishable food, a long-term power outage can lead to a major financial hit.


Emergency Supplies – Emergencies supplies such as flashlights and candles are another major expense in the event of a power outage. Providing flashlights for every member of a large organization can add up. There will be no more than a minute of electrical downtime when an automatic standby generator is properly installed. Having a backup generator might make more sense for some businesses for this exact reason.


Property Damage – The most expensive cost experienced by property owners in the event of a power outage is property damage. Common types of damage experienced include power surges that ruin electronics and burst pipes. Electronics can be expensive items to replace and they may contain irreplaceable information. For both individuals and businesses, a fried hard drive can be devastating. If a generator is running for backup power, turn off lights and other appliances when they are not in use. This prevents a power surge when the power comes back on.


Missed Leads – Many modern businesses rely heavily on technology and internet connection to operate. Even phone lines are more commonly connected through a VoIP service that requires an internet connection. Internet routers require electricity to run and an outage will leave businesses hoping their cellular data is available. Businesses will easily miss out on important phone calls and valuable leads without internet access. Avoiding missed leads is invaluable to any business.


Limited Work Productivity – Limited productivity and functionality for a business is just another potential cost of power outages. There is little work that can be completed without access to the internet or electricity for equipment. Closing a company for even a few days could cost thousands if not millions of dollars in lost productivity.


Installation of an electric generator is an easy solution to avoid the above-mentioned costs. A standby generator is an investment for both businesses and homeowners. Installing and a business or home generator and requesting regular electrical generator maintenance may save thousands of dollars in potential costs associated with power outages. For the best generator installation and maintenance service, contact Empower Generators at (954) 922-3800!

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