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Model: 6438
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Product Description

With 11 kilowatts of standby emergency power, the Generac 6438 with its 200-amp, service-entrance rated automatic transfer switch is a permanently installed solution to the threat of power outages. Even if you are not home, the 6438 will sense an outage and start up, and then signal the Smart Switch to move your home onto backup power, ensuring your peace of mind while it protects your home from sudden and unexpected power interruptions.

Fuel Choices

Generac ships the 11kW standby generator ready to run on Natural Gas. Conversion to LP Gas (propane) is simple and performed during installation. The generator can supply 10,000 watts of power on natural gas, and a full 11,000 watts on LP Gas. Fuel consumption varies with the electrical load placed on the generator, which can vary continuously. At half load, the engine will use 124 cubic feet of natural gas per hour, and 1.2 gallons of LP gas per hour.


The 18 horsepower GH 530 is an overhead valve industrial engine specifically designed by Generac for use in its standby generators. It runs at at a constant 3600 RPM to produce a steady 60 hertz voltage. With a fully pressurized oil system and cast iron cylinder walls for a long life, along with a 2 year, 200 hour interval between oil changes, the engine can supply power during extended outages or for just a few hours with minimal maintenance.

Evolution Controls

With Generac's Evolution Controller, the standby generator is ready to run at a moments notice. The controller monitors utility power and senses an outage immediately. After a 10-second delay (dealer programmable from 2 to 1500 seconds), the controller starts the generator, waits five seconds, and signals the transfer switch to begin supplying power from the generator instead of the utility. During operation, the Evolution continuously monitors and regulates the voltage and the engine speed to produce electrical power as good or better than utility power. The smart battery charger keeps the battery at peak capacity and warns the homeowner when the battery is in danger of failing. Sophisticated fault detection and reporting along with maintenance alerts keep homeowners informed of generator status. A color-coded membrane keypad and bright LED indicator lights make using the control panel easy. An optional feature called Mobile Link keeps you connected with text messages on your phone for status and maintenance alerts. Mobile Link also gives you remote access to the controller via an online dashboard you can access from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. The optional basic and advanced wireless monitors install effortlessly inside your home to provide you with generator status. The advanced monitor allows you to setup generator exercise periods, view maintenance alerts , or test the generator.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The 6438 includes the 200 amp Smart Switch by Generac. The smart switch is a service entrance rated switch that installs between the electric utility meter and the home's main service panel. During normal operation the switch sends utility power to the main panel. When an outage interrupts power, the switch moves the house onto standby power from the generator. Digital Power Management technology allows the Smart Switch to manage two air-conditioner loads without adding hardware, and up to four additional high-voltage loads with the addition of Power Management Modules.

Generator Unit

The generating unit's revolving magnetic field with stationary, skewed stator design allow superior voltage regulation under constantly changing electrical loads and a high surge capacity for starting large motors. The brush-less generator supplies clean power that is free from noise with a smooth, regular waveform and suitable for powering electronic devices such as computers and other electronics.

Appearance and Noise

Generac's model 6438 is designed to fit into any neighborhood. The corrosion resistant enclosure is made from steel with tough, powder-coated paint to last for years?even in all environments. This model is 48 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 29 inches high, and produces less noise than the average central air-conditioning unit for a neighbor friendly installation in most urban areas.


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